Continuous change on an enormous scale, panic and unease penetrating the news and social channels, virus fear has infiltrated the minds of even the most grounded in society, and touched others. As we face the relentless uncertainty, it’s difficult to understand how this situation is going to pan out. Like you we don’t have the answers, but Pro-Duct Clean does have a Scooby!

Scooby is a Great Dane and the newest member of the team. Now he may not be able to solve the worlds virus woes, clean air ducts, carry out a TR/19 insurance compliant clean, or rid air systems and buildings of Covid-19 like the rest of our expert team, but he can give us all a moment of respite, a smile and brighten your day.

He is sure to be a regular feature with his partner in crime Flash as together as a team we navigate this uncertain time. The Pro-Duct Clean team are here ready to get back in the groove when you are.

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