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Face facts, all industry is suffering at the hands of the corona virus, no sector is safe, however of the many we serve, leisure and hospitality will be one of the hardest hit due to the isolation and travel shut down measures being imposed globally.

It’s safe to say we are experiencing one all-mighty challenge, however, if we are all smart, take positive action, make firm decisions, are flexible in our approach and effective at planning – together, we can survive this challenging time.

For me, this is not a time to sit back and see what happens. We must prepare and be ready for business or risk falling short. A positive fighting spirit is needed to help us get through, and as cleaning is our business and I want to support our customers, any which way we can.

In true resilient style we have put together a building maintenance check-list and recommendations that you can consider to push forward and come out stronger.

In addition to this check-list we will be rolling out a series of special offers for existing clients, and new ones too. Find out more about how we can help you from our team.

Building Maintenance Check-list

☞ Review and check all your legally compliant maintenance contracts are in date during this limbo period.

Required for any building with a kitchen facility you must be TR/19 and TR/19 grease certified to guarantee your insurance.

Complies to BS 5588-9 code of practice and includes BS9999 which states your fire dampers must be cleaned and maintained annually.

Recommended annual check for all types of buildings, quarterly for buildings such as hospitals, care homes and those where dust and dirt particles are prevalent.

Specifically for Hospitals, Hotels, College Halls and Laundry Service Providers, extracts must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent fires.

PDC Recommends:
Bundle your compliance necessary maintenance together to not only make significant cost savings, but peace of mind that the work will not be missed.

☞ Check your maintenance records and reports for accuracy!

All too often we go into a new client contract to find the previous contractor has not completed works to the correct standards. The most recent was a Kitchen Extract clean, which was supposedly completed annually, however it was in fact 4 years since some areas were cleaned due to access. Phenomenal grease build-up – and a huge fire risk!

PDC Recommends:
You get to know your system, ask for picture evidence, ask to see the finished works. At Pro DuctClean we offer picture evidence and a show-round to all clients to prove certification is complete as standard.

☞ Essential Hygiene Cleaning

 Be Smart
Order a deep clean of your building but be smart. Alternate between a full deep clean, and a ‘focused’ deep clean for high traffic, touch point areas at a lower-levels and keep on top of the COVID-19 spread.

 Choose the right service
Fogging your ducts to prevent the spread of virus droplets through air systems is a cost effective alternative, and hygienically cleans your ducts leaving behind an anti-biocidal coating.

PDC recommends:
We recommend you inform your building users of the steps you are taking to keep them safe. Inform with notices to say certified cleaning has been carried out.

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