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The Greasy Journal

This is our candid journal of the best, worst and indifferent in the world of duct cleaning. Follow our journey as we polish our way through miles of ducting, ridding it of grease dirt and debris, and get the insiders view of the top-notch team who make it all happen at Pro-Duct Clean.

Rob steals the limelight from his colleagues in May

Our rugby loving, pizza fan Rob is one of our longest serving team members at Pro-Duct Clean. His personal development in the team has come on leaps and bounds, and he has recently recognised that with extra effort he can reap the rewards of boosted motivation, extra...

The Major takes the crown

This month’s shout out is for Tim Scott, who impressed colleagues with his consistent effort and conscientious professionalism. Service with it a smile and making a name for himself with the toolbox talks. Steve Roger, Operations and Training Manager, Pro-Duct Clean...

Duct rat legend smashes world record

Pro-Duct Clean bust the world record for the longest single length of duct cleaned and polished in the fastest time. Back in the gloomy days of January, previous operative of the month winner Harry was selected to navigate the ducting at one of her majesty's...

5* Hotels to 5* Hospitals Fit for a Prince

5* hotels to 5* hospitals fit for a prince, this month we have been cleaned our way around some of London’s top establishments. As we move into spring and the exciting prospect of being released from lockdown, our country pubs and leisure sites have been busy...

Spotlight shines on Harry Barham PdC – Operative of the Month

Known to most as the small man with the big hair he is perfect in every way for Pro-Duct Clean. Charismatic and determined he is vastly knowledgeable in the world of duct cleaning and duct maintenance, and no stranger to the hall of fame either, Harry has previously...

What’s New Scooby-Doo

Continuous change on an enormous scale, panic and unease penetrating the news and social channels, virus fear has infiltrated the minds of even the most grounded in society, and touched others. As we face the relentless uncertainty, it’s difficult to understand how...

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Together – we can be stronger!

Face facts, all industry is suffering at the hands of the corona virus, no sector is safe, however of the many we serve, leisure and hospitality will be one of the hardest hit due to the isolation and travel shut down measures being imposed globally. It’s safe to say...

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Another Hidden Gem

This private garden is the Royal Society for Public Health in Portland Place, complete with the sponsors signature - Elizabeth R as she signs it. . Another little bit of society I doubt I would see unless I cleaned ducts for a living.    

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Beach bar in the centre of London

Beach bar in the centre of London

On this rainy dismal day in the centre of London, we all dream of sand, sunshine and cocktails. I went to visit one of our customers, The Montague on the Gardens Hotel in Montague Street and who would know there is a beach bar in the middle of London? I am not telling...

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