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Our London Ventilation and Extract Cleaning Services are for those who prefer a multi-service approach, from the same ducting experts. Our LEV testing service is ideal for those who require regualr LEV testing, while our Commercial Extract Cleaning will keep you clean and free of dirt, odours and unpleasant grease build-up. All the while maintaining a step ahead in your fire risk assesment – and importantly insurance compliant.




Our kitchen extract cleaning service adheres to the HVCA’s TR/19 best practice standard. On completion we provide full certification and reports for you to demonstrate to your insurers. With our certification and reports, you can trust that the job has been done right.


Professional Inspection

Each time we visit your premises, we’ll keep you abreast of what’s going on in the building and how it’s impacting your ductwork. Plumbers might place new pipes, builders build walls or new data cables might cross over access panels. We’ll keep you aware of how this impacts your access panels.


Thorough Cleaning

We strive to deliver the wow factor, thorough, conscientious cleaning is what you can expect from our kitchen ducting cleaning services. Doing it right, again and again. Bespoke contracts and flexible terms so you’ll choose us time and time again.


LEV Surveyors

Pro-duct Clean have a team of specialist surveyors routinely carry out comprehensive LEV testing, and have the expertise to carry out any remedial cleaning work identified to ensure the system’s efficiency is kept at its optimum level. Trust us to ensure your system is compliant.


COSHH Regulations

COSHH Regulation 9, ‘Maintenance, examination and testing of control measures’  stipulate that that LEV systems must be regularly tested, at least once every 14 months or more frequently for certain processes and should be given a visual check at least once a week.


LEV Records

Records of LEV systems must also be kept available for at least 5 years and should show the outcome of weekly visual checks, the results of the thorough annual inspection and tests, and any repairs or remedial work carried out as a result of this regular monitoring.

Let us Prepare a Quote For You

Kitchen Extract Cleans

Degrease, clean and certify your kitchen extract system to meet strict TR/19 standards required by your insurance for fire and hygiene competancies.

Pre-Commission Cleans

Comply with TR/10 specification for new building ventilation systems and ensure the air system is free from building site dust and debris.

Commercial Kitchen Cleans

Deep hygiene clean on kitchen surfaces and to stop harmful bacteria from spreading onto food. We will make sure you are fully EHO compliant.

High-Level Cleans

Working at height trained operatives clean safely and efficiently using using scissor lifts and self- propelled booms to reach up high levels.

COVID Cleaning

3 levels of COVID sanitisation service includes full buidling fogging, section and touch point. Medical grade swab test and certification for assurance.

Kitchen Deep Cleans

Certified kitchen deep cleaning service for canopies, vents, ducts, filters and surfaces. Compliance report includes certification and photographic evidence.

Hygiene Cleans

Ensure a clean safe environment for customers, building users and staff - minimise lost working days through illness with regular hygiene cleaning.

Laundry Extract Cleans

Ensure your laundry extract ducts are free for highly flammable fabrics and lint and compliant with fire health and safety legislation.

LEV Testing

Local extract ventilation - LEV testing and examination to comply with COSHH regulations - for fume cupboards and manufacturing environments.

Fire Damper Testing

Inspection and servicing of building fire dampers. Tested at regular intervals to comply BS9999 fire damper maintenance legislation.

Air Duct Cleaning

Extraction devices, air jets and brushes are used to clean your ducting and improve the indoor air quality circulating in your ventilation system. 

Bathroom Extract Cleans

Bathroom extract systems harbour grime, dirt and other airborne bacteria, keep them clean to ensure quality bathroom hygiene and filtration.

ESP Cell Maintenance

Specialist ESP cells cleaning, maintenance and replacement. Aligned with our dynamic inspection and preservation service.

Let’s Work Together

Our philosophy is ‘do it right, first time‘. Our team are here to make your essential maintenance easy, help you stay compliant, and strive to make cost and operational efficiencies for you where we can.

Who are Pro-Duct Clean

We are an independent business headquartered on the Essex/Suffolk border.

Our Experience

16 years young, we have cleaned nearly 5000 miles of ducting. No building is too big (or small) – we have the right tools and team whatever the job. We know our business, we know the standards, we can help you with compliance and professional cleaning.

What regions do we cover

We mainly serve businesses in London, the East, and South East, we do travel further afield as required by our clients.

Who are our customers

Our clients include: hotels, hospitals, prisons, schools, care homes, office buildings, universities, pubs, historical buildings, private estates and restaurants. We work directly with clients, or via facilities management companies and resellers.

Our team

Our team highly trained in the latest standards and techniques you need. Our site operatives are available to work around your business timings to minimise shutdown disruption.