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This month at Pro-Duct Clean we’ve been spotted in London and the South East, reaching the dizzying heights of luxurious hotels in Knightsbridge and Park Lane, certifying some of the most desired fish restaurants in Essex, and have been inside some of the most secure establishments in the country. We are proud of the diverse contrast we encounter whilst delivering our niche services, and it is fantastic how all the team our team take it all in their stride.

Huge appreciation goes to our team this month for being the super troopers they are, pulling together even more to help smooth the impacts of the wild rollercoaster that COVID has delivered, for both PdC and our customers. Not only that they have overcome the seasonal battle with the elements too. This has been the most extreme weather in our many years of service, and Suffolk saw some of the highest snowfall in the region, HQ was surrounded, vans stranded – salt and a spade were the must have bit of kit!

As with everyone, we are relieved to see some clarity from the government with hospitality reopening and schools returning, and look forward to helping our clients who have been shut or operating at a lesser capacity back to full operation in the coming weeks.

Nigel, MD at Pro-Duct Clean says

“The prism through which we have all seen this last year through has been different. Coloured by family, situation, work and individual personality. Even people in seemingly identical situations have reacted and acted differently. The one thing I think we have all shared – whether in Hospitality, Education, FM, Care or merely (!) a parent – is stress.

With this roadmap and Spring seemingly springing I think and hope that that stress will start to abate, and we can all actually enjoy our summer to come.

On the professional front we have all endured a year of what has felt like being a series of beatings. I now am quietly optimistic that, in incremental steps, and by summer we and our customers will be able to see some normality and perhaps even a boom in business. Until then (and actually, always) we are here to help clients to get back to work in a cost effective and efficient manner.”

Our month in numbers


Is the number of years since Edison invented the nickel-iron battery and same number of number of clients we have visited this month.

5 Miles

5 miles, the height of Mont Blanc is the length of ducting we have cleaned in February.


Is the amount of gunk in kilograms we have removed from kitchen extracts and ducting. The equivalent to the weight of a male Great Dane


40,000 is the number of miles driven by our team throughout February. That’s enough to circumnavigate Mars three times!

Lee’s reign comes to an end

 Earlier this month we revealed who our current title holder of operative of the month, Lee Thompson. The walking demon, we ponder how many steps he has racked up this month. We know he has upheld his reign well and we cannot wait to see who has snatched the crown away. We’ll reveal all very soon.

Read Lee’s story here.

Grease in space

As we boldy themed our monthly newsletter with a question “is there grease on mars?”, it’s only fair we give you an answer.  The answer is yes, lots of it, infact space is full of it. Its not a recent discovery, scientists say to think of it more like a greasy soot. It’s not a pure substance and it’s not biological. It’s random and it’s not something that you want to eat. Ah well, idea book has gone away again the PdC rocket launch has been parked for the time being as we focus on terrestial life.

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