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Duct cleaner diary, Feedback

Sometimes there are emails from your own staff that make your heart sing a little. This is one of them.

To quote an extract:

I just spoke to Ahmed from the Chicken Cottage, he is over the moon with the clean and the service we provided for him. He said he’s never had an experience like it.

Ahmed said that Shane was great, he was really impressed with how he explained things to him and could not be happier. He had a real problem, a difficult clean … onus on customer to provide scaffold.

I looked at it properly, followed it up and found a solution to his problem – I think, as a company we did a bloody good job.

Two of our top people resolving a customer’s issues and taking pride in it. Firstly, to get such enthusiastic feedback from the customer about our field supervisor, who clearly surpassed all expectations. Secondly, to our back-office team for overcoming a potential difficulty with gaining the necessary access.

I couldn’t be a prouder duct cleaner.

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