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Operative of the Month, PdC News

Each month at Pro-Duct Clean we award operative of the month. This is the team at the coal face who clean the grease, grime and dirt from the ducting, scale ventilation systems to ensure they are compliant and work unsociable hours to ensure there is minimal disruption for our clients. They do a dirty job with a smile and a spring in their step, where superb team effort is required, which is why this award is peer voted, making it a noteworthy accomplishment amongst the crew

This month the vote goes to Lee Thompson

Lee is tenacious and has a strong desire to make sure a job is done to the highest of standards. It’s clear that his teammates have a great time working alongside him, fired up by his positive and upbeat attitude, while achieving great results.

In his time away from work Lee has a penchant for fast cars, likes dogs and walking – a lot. So much so he has set himself the goal of tackling the 3 peaks challenge – which is no mean feat at 23 miles (37km), and a total ascent of 3064 metres (10,052ft) in 3 days it’s simply breath taking.

When bubbling up is a long distant memory, we can expect a waiting list of teammates who want to be in Lee’s van just to hear the stories from the peaks.

Here’s what the PdC team had to say about Lee:

“I feel that he has really stepped up to support the business over the past 6 months, he has massively gained confidence and that this is showcased in his work. His reporting to customers and the office has dramatically improved and is of a very high standard. He is solution orientated and is keen to deliver the best possible results for the customer. He has gained a lot of respect from the team and is now confident running large scale complicated jobs. He brings professionalism mixed with humour and effectively leads the team. He is upfront and honest, and you will always no where you stand and he will always go out of his way to get the job done.” –  Steve Roger, Operations and Training Manager, Pro-Duct Clean
“I nominate Lee, we have worked really well together and he is always upbeat and positive….  great van lead 👍🏻”
“My nomination is Lee, his communication has been great, he did us proud at Intercontinental, impressing the customer and allowing us to develop extra business, and where he has had site issues, has dealt with them effectively and escalated in the right way. I would give Lee man of the month because he’s stepped up and is it doing the job to a high standard.”
“I’ve seen Lee progress from a shy boy to someone that has shown he is a great worker always reliable, a great bloke to talk to and work with, and this is not even just this last month, he’s been a brilliant worker from the day he started.”

Who is hot on the heels of Lee for this noteworthy accolade, or will he retain the title? Check in with us next month to find out.

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